What is the NWCIP?

The NWCIP is Labor and management coming together to create a more efficient, less adversarial and less costly workers’ compensation system.

The Negotiated Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program (NWCIP) is the joint response of labor and management to Chapter 440.211, F.S. This statutory provision allows labor and employers acting under a collective bargaining agreement to use the strength of the collective bargaining environment to customize portions of the statutory Workers’ Compensation program.

The NWCIP Oversight Committee has chosen to make enhancements to the benefit delivery system and the alternative dispute resolution process (ADR). These enhancements are designed to:

bullet Eliminate the adversarial nature of the system
bullet Insure prompt delivery of high quality medical care
bullet Insure prompt delivery of wage loss benefits
bullet Assist in return to work
bullet Control costs

Insurance carriers accept, adopt and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement in order to participate in the NWCIP. The Oversight Committee admits only “A” rated insurance companies to the program after careful scrutiny of their qualifications. Every attempt is made to provide access to employers of all sizes across the spectrum of construction trades.

We know that once employers and employees alike experience the enhanced workers’ compensation environment that the NWCIP brings, they will insist on staying within the ADR world.

Who is the NWCIP?

In Florida, the Building Construction Trades led the effort to organize the program, receiving approval from every construction union in the state. Eligible employers are signatory to local unions in the following trades:

bullet Asbestos Workers
bullet Boilermakers
bullet Bricklayers
bullet Carpenters
bullet Electrical Workers
bullet Elevator Constructors
bullet Ironworkers
bullet Laborers
bullet Millwrights

bullet Operating Engineers
bullet Painters
bullet Pipefitters
bullet Plumbers
bullet Roofers
bullet Sheet Metal Workers
bullet Sprinkler Fitters
bullet Teamsters
bullet Trowel Trades