How are medical benefits provided under the program?

Medical benefits are provided through a network of high quality medical providers which has been approved by both the insurance company and the Labor/Management Oversight Committee. Care has been taken to assure that specialty care is available within the network.


May an Employer request that the claimant have an independent medical examination?

Yes, all medical providers must be chosen from the medical network approved by your insurance company and the Program.


What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the program is to provide an efficient, cost effective method for collectively bargained employers to meet their workers’ compensation obligations while providing injured workers with improved access to the benefits to which they are entitled - timely and without the need for litigation.


How much does the ADR process cost?

Nothing, the ADR process is provided to participating employers and their injured workers without charge.


How are claims settlements handled under the Program?

Settlement agreements must be submitted to the Arbitrator for approval. Generally, such approval is obtained within 5 to 7 working days.


Does the Employer retain subrogation rights?

Yes, any civil litigation is outside the collectively bargained process.


Are participating employers eligible for Drug Free Workplace Credits?

Yes, employers who have approved Drug Free Workplaces will receive the state mandated credit.


Are participating employers eligible for Safety Credits?

Yes, employers who have received the appropriate approvals will receive the state mandated safe workplace credit.


How does the ADR process impact the cost of claims and reserves?

Claims costs are reduced due to less litigation and open communication between the employer, employee and the claims examiner. As a general rule, claims incurred under a collectively bargained program are closed more quickly and reserves are adjusted accordingly.


Has the legal standing of these programs been established?

Yes. For further information see:

Gassner v. Bechtel Construction and Industrial Indemnity Court of Appeal of Florida, First District, Case #96-2006.

Jean Ariston v. Allied Building Crafts and ULICO Casualty Co, Court of Appeal of Florida, First District, Case #1D01-1208.

Maribona v. Southern Pan Services and ULICO Casualty Co, Court of Appeal of Florida First District, Case #1D00-2254


How do I find out more about the program?

You may contact our insurance partners by clicking Insurance Partners or call us at 352.638.7709.